Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud Certification allows you to demonstrate the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology that can transform businesses and meaningfully impact the people and customers.

Associate Certifications

A job-task based certification concentrated on core Google Cloud Platform technology. This exam is a good starting point for beginners who wish to become certified professionals. A minimum of 6 months and hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform is recommended to take this exam.

Associate Cloud Engineer

Professionals taking this exam should be able to deploy applications, monitor operations, and manages solutions. The knowledge of the Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface by the professional is essential. The certification in Associate Cloud Engineer validates your skills in setting up, planning, and configuring cloud solution. Also configuring security and access.

Professional Collaboration Engineer

A professional collaboration engineer has to acquire skills that transform business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices. The Professional Collaboration Engineer exam assesses the ability to plan and implement G Suite authorization, access, and manage emails. Further, the professional should be able to configure and manage endpoint access and monitor business operations

Professional Cloud Architect

Candidates opting for this exam can get companies to leverage Google Cloud technologies. They must have a thorough understanding of Google Cloud Platform and cloud architecture. This certification will help professionals to design, develop, and manage scalable, secure, and robust solutions to drive business objectives.

Professional Data Engineer

The Professional Data Engineer validates the professional's knowledge on design data processing systems, build and operate data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models to ensure quality. Also, the engineer will be able to leverage, deploy, and continuously train pre-existing machine learning models.

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Validates the professional skills of designing and implementing a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. A complete understanding of security best practices and requirements, and the needed skills to design, develop, and manage a secure infrastructure leveraging Google security technologies is essential.

Professional Cloud Developer

The Professional Cloud Developer exam assesses the ability to design highly scalable and reliable cloud applications, build, test, and deploy applications, integrate Google Cloud Platform services; and manage application performance monitoring.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Certification in Professional Cloud Network Engineer qualifies the individual's skills to design, plan, implement, configure, and prototype a GCP Network. Also, knowledge in implementing Hybrid Interconnectivity and Network Security is validated.

G Suite

The G Suite exam verifies proficiency in the main features used in the G Suite Platform. They are Gmail, Drive, Hangout Meet, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides. The purpose of the exam is to measure an individual's ability to work, communication, and manage tasks using G Suite's productivity and tools in the workplace.

Google Cloud - Apigee Certified API Engineer

This exam demonstrates the skills required to use up-to-date tools and technical strategies, ability to take complex projects and have relevant knowledge and experience in the technology.

Google Developers Certification

This exam demonstrates the skills required to use up-to-date tools and technical strategies, ability to take complex projects and have relevant knowledge and experience in the technology.

Google Developers Certification

Google Developers certification help promote the developer's skills and knowledge through projects to communities and employers.

Associate Android Developer

This exam for Associate Android Developer validates the skills of an entry-level Android developer should have to begin a career. It is a performance-based exam that proves the competence of the individual's performance.

Mobile Web Specialist

The Mobile Web Specialist Certification sets you apart from other web developers and demonstrates the skills you will need to create responsive and dynamic web applications.

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect

Demonstrate your skills at designing, building, and managing solutions on the Google Cloud Platform by certifying in Professional Cloud Architect.

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Data Engineer

Get certified to validate your skills in designing and building data-processing systems and creating machine learning models on the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Certified - Associate Cloud Engineer

Demonstrate your skills to deploy and monitor apps, maintain cloud projects on Google Cloud Platform.

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