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Worksoft offers the world's leading automation platform for enterprise application. The fifth generation platform generates automated business process documentation, discovery, compliance, testing, risk analysis, and RPA to support pivotal applications like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, SuccessFactors, ServiceNow and more.

The demand for skilled Worksoft professionals is growing rapidly and becoming a certified Worksoft automation practitioner shows you have what it takes! The list of Worksoft certifications are below:

Certify Administrator

Certify Administrator online exam validates the variety of tasks after the initial setup. The Certify Administrator will have tasks ranging from adding users and groups, granting permissions to managing applications and projects.

Worksoft Business Process Procedure

As the Worksoft Business Process Procedure specialist, you will be well versed in Business Process Procedure (BPP). BPP is a web-based reporting solution that works with any Worksoft Certify tests.

Worksoft Execution Manager

Worksoft Execution Manager Specialist provides organizations unattended lights out testing scheduled on a monthly, weekly, and even a daily basis.

Worksoft Impact

Worksoft Impact certification enables IT professionals, to test critical business processes mitigating a company's exposure to risk and help teams develop a test strategy when SAP application changes occur.

Certify Basics Refresher

The Certify Basics Refresher online examination is for users that have previously used or taken Certify and need to refresh their skills and knowledge. The focus is on a variety of different functions, varying in levels from basic to advance.

Worksoft Certify for HTML

IT professionals sitting for Worksoft Certify for HTML exam is specially designed to focus on advanced Worksoft Certify techniques, specifically for use with HTML.

Worksoft Certify for SAP

The Worksoft Certify for SAP online certification was designed to provide the basic knowledge of Certify to automate business processes in SAP GUI.

Worksoft Certify Basics & Certify for SAP

This combo certification exam contains the Worksoft Certify Basics and Worksoft Certify for SAP.

Worksoft Certify Basics & certify for HTML

A combo certification online exam consisting of the Worksoft Certify Basics and Worksoft Certify for HTML exam.

Worksoft Certification Practice Exams

Worksoft offers two practice certification exams, the first exam focuses on the SAP certification, and the second exam focuses on the HTML certification.

Introduction Worksoft Certify 10

Get validated with the latest version of Certify where you can upgrade your skills from Certify 9.0.2 or Certify 9.0.3 certifications.

Workforce Certify for Java

Certification exam to get to know the basics of using Worksoft Certify to automate business processes for the Java interface.

Certify Automation for Windows Applications (Silverlight)

The Worksoft Certify Automation for Windows Applications exam is designed to provide the basics of using Worksoft Certify automate business processes for various Windows interfaces.

Worksoft Certify Best Practices

Worksoft Certify Best Practices online certification improves the use of the Worksoft product suite by learning methodology followed by Worksoft Professional Services in the most successful certify implementations.

Worksoft Capture 2.0

The Worksoft Capture 2.0 certification was designed for professionals to have a basic understanding of the Capture 2.0 solution. Capture 2.0 is the latest and the most advanced object and action recognition technology for automated business process discovery.

What's New in Worksoft Certify 10.1

Worksoft Certify 10.1 enables professionals to get to know the new features in the release.

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